When Jolie wrote  'My Body, My Story' she had no intention of the book being published. The book, crafted over a decade, wasn't written linearly with an intended ending; but instead is an organic collection of poems and short essays, that have been curated together to create a delicate narrative of embodiment. 

Upon debut, the book was exceptionally successful in pre-sale. Selling out,  a success that far reached what Jolie and her publishing company anticipated. This unpredicted success led to shifting in further distribution. It was precedent that no money was made from book sales and that every dollar was donated to survivors of sexual exploitation and violence. With the success of the book, there has become a more significant opportunity to raise further awareness and create a movement that supports survivors.

In the place of public distribution, the book will now only be sold independently at speaking events hosted by the author mid 2019.

All the profits, from admission entrance to the price of the book, are being donated to fund the creation and maintenance of Our Bodies, Our Stories.

A program that provides resources for women to reunite with their bodies through the art of reclaiming their story. Stories will be retold in a visual gallery to inspire others.  

The author would like to thank you for your support and encourage that you subscribe to receive updates on the 'My Body, My Story' debut tour. She looks forward to meeting with you. 

Books are presently available for sale online again.